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Salesforce has transformed the way of business. It features various tools and quality services designed to turn an ordinary business into a venture where vendors, employees, and customers use a transparent platform, thus helping the organization to function efficiently.

Our Salesforce Development Services

  • Salesforce Consulting: Crayon Media brings to you full-fledged Salesforce consulting services. You can unleash the potential of real wonders that Salesforce can do to your business.
  • Salesforce Development: Salesforce is one of the most widely used CRM (Client Relationship Management) tools. A versatile tool can boost a business organization.
  • Salesforce Customization: Salesforce customization includes customized designing solutions when Salesforce configuration does not fulfill complicated business requirements. Even after repeated use of click and point tools, some actions may not work. As a result, adding custom codes is the only way.
  • Salesforce Integration: Technology is growing rapidly. As a result, customers are left constrained by silo platforms because of individual features and character. Such platforms are important to organizations, but they fail to offer customization. At Crayon Media, we aim to provide third level Salesforce Implementation called Integration. Salesforce Integration when Configuration (1) and Customization (2) services fail to suffice business needs. Salesforce integrations are important to cater to different complexities of business and help organizations achieve operational consistency, quality, and efficiency.
  • Salesforce Support: Even if your Salesforce Solution is well-executed, it still requires certain additional changes once it starts operating. For constant improvement and better results, we offer Salesforce support and maintenance services across different Salesforce products. An expert team would be available to assist you in maintaining bug-free systems, enhancing existing functionalities, and providing support. Development

Salesforce is a part of the app cloud. A robust cloud computing platform focused on business workflow automation. Here, at Crayon Media, we help organizations develop as well as implement powerful based business solutions.

  • Business process automation through custom based web and mobile applications
  • We develop customized integration solution connecting multiple data sources and services in real-time
  • We assist organizations to migrate their traditional business solutions and databases to new automation solutions
  • Our expert team creates user-friendly app front-end using Lighting Components as well as JavaScript Frameworks

Salesforce1 Mobile Apps Development

The outlook towards the portability of Salesforce has changed over the years. Whether you have a sales team or service team, both the teams can collaborate, get data, and update using the powerful platform, Salesforce1.

Today, with the point and click features, you can choose the necessary feature of Salesforce in a very short time.

Salesforce App Development

With Salesforce App Development, ISVs can reach a wider marketplace to reach more customers. Our expert team of Salesforce app developers has helped organizations connect with employees, clients, and customers in a new way. Crayon Media has empowered its clients by creating innovative market strategies, build app products, and migrate the existing products to the new app. We have also mastered Salesforce Lighting to build mobile platforms ready to take on the world.

Explore Salesforce with the best team in the industry, Crayonmedia. Call us for a free quote.

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Crayonmedia believes that customer experience is an important competitive factor in this digital age. We are an expert team of certified Salesforce developers and specialists with over 500 Salesforce deployments. With several years of experience and optimum client satisfaction, we are the perfect partner for Salesforce CRM Development. We provide Salesforce CRM Development services like Salesforce consulting, Salesforce Administration, Salesforce Lightning, Data Customization, Data Migration, Integration, etc. We also offer end-to-end solutions with our highly skilled, trained, experienced, and certified Salesforce developers.


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