Learning Management System

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What is a Learning Management System?

Thanks to digitization; the quest for knowledge has not remained limited to the conventional boundaries of education. E-learning has become the new normal, empowering students, professionals and entrepreneurs to pursue knowledge in the cyberspace. However, coordinating digital learning can be cumbersome and complex. An intelligent Learning Management System (LMS) helps streamline the entire process.

Crayon Media LMS solution is a web-based system that facilitates easy management and efficient delivery of training programs and courses on the cyberspace.

Core LMS Features

Streamline e-learning with user-friendly and customizable LMS software

Crayon Media brings a full-suite of smart and intuitive e-learning features that will help you deliver leading-edge, insightful training – anywhere, anytime. Create unlimited and inspiring content in any format that engages your audiences. It is designed for simple and fast management of training programs, especially which includes thousands of learners.

Course management, discussion forums, virtual classrooms, payment gateways, online tests/surveys, and reports & analytics are other key features of our LMS solution. Inspire mobile learning and deliver courses or training programs anytime and anywhere through smart mobile application.

  • Control user access
  • Monitor course activity report
  • Custom integrations
  • Multi-lingual support

LMS User Management

Gain more control on user access

Create distinctive user roles and manage them in real-time with our LMS user management module. Since multiple users have access to a Learning Management System, defining user roles is important because it provides clarity regarding each user’s appropriate level of LMS access privileges and rights. This is set based on unique needs of the user.

This module allows you to create a new user or add user levels, statuses and roles. You can also set user registration type or check the user’s email verification status. Define different roles that will help control various levels of access to LMS account settings, content, billing, and groups.

  • Highly secure
  • Control account access
  • Set user roles based on needs
  • Maintain transparency

LMS Course Creation

Seamlessly create e-learning courses tailored to your needs

Building online courses has never been so simpler before! Our LMS software has embedded content creation tools and a cutting-edge online course builder that lets you design the most impressive e-learning course in a jiffy. Gain access to hundreds of pre-built courses and customize them as per your needs and teaching style.

It allows you to create any number of courses in any format – videos, PowerPoint, PDF, SCORM files, CSV, 3D videos, and much more. You can even set different segments of the course to speed-up the training pace. Have a master copy? Seamlessly sync it with other courses.

  • Create unlimited courses
  • On-demand training topics
  • AICC and SCORM compliant courses
  • Customize course templates

LMS Learning Tools

Extensive learning support and 360˚ assessment

Deliver an immersive online learning experience to your candidates with quick and hassle-free access to extensive learning resources. We help ensure learning – anytime & anywhere. Topic-wise study materials are available in the form of PowerPoint presentations, lecture notes, videos, tips & tricks, shortcut methods, animated videos, etc.

Our LMS software also has embedded assessment tools that allow the trainer to conduct performance evaluation and ensure better learning outcomes. It facilitates generating question papers, on-screen marking, objective assessments, and results publication.

  • Competency based learning
  • Appraisals
  • 360˚ performance reviews
  • Individual development plans

LMS Tracking & Reporting

Review performance & understand training impact

When using a Learning Management System to impart online training, it is crucial to track the learner’s activities and progress. Crayon Media LMS Tracking & Reporting allows you to assess performance and gain valuable insights into the impact of your training. Set up a configurable dashboard to access all data in real-time or get custom reports through email.

Based on the performance report, you can devise Individual Development Plan (IDP) to help improve learning assimilation and ensure individual growth. Using this module, you can also track activity report of a course – number of views, resources, etc.

  • Create graded activities such as quiz, surveys, etc.
  • Generate rank lists
  • Customized tests
  • Get course insights

LMS Ecommerce

Sell insightful and popular courses online

Crayon Media has a powerful LMS solution that gives you instant access to leading-edge ecommerce capabilities. The module enables you to use prebuilt features or build an ecommerce storefront to seamlessly monetize your most popular courses. The LMS software integrates with advanced ecommerce platforms like PayPal, Magento, Woo Commerce, authorize.net, etc. to help create a streamlined shopping art experience.

Create your own custom portal with attractive color schemes, portal panels, pictures, course catalog, and personalized logo – all with just a click. Securely take online or offline payments and make the most from your courses.

  • Custom online storefront
  • Supports Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Effective marketing tool
  • Auto enrollment

LMS Mobile

Take your courses to smart devices

In today’s mobile-driven world, getting your online courses to Smartphones is one of the best ways to get a competitive edge. Our LMS software isn’t just a web-based solution; we have mobile applications from iOS and Android, allowing you to conduct and manage your training programs conveniently and easily. Anyone can access your courses anytime, right on their mobile devices.

All learning resources and comprehensive features are available on the mobile app. This helps deliver improved user experience, irrespective of the device. Inspire “learning when you need.”

  • Access learning anytime
  • Full access to all LMS features
  • Supports iOS and Android
  • Training from any mobile device

Third-Party Integrations

Enhance functionality of your LMS with smart integrations

Depending on your learning management needs, we build custom integrations to meet specific configurations, or implement new integrations based on user feedback. Our LMS solution also facilitates third-party integrations to help improve capabilities and deliver an immersive learning experience to all.

Our LMS software can be seamlessly integrated with other cutting-edge platforms like Google Drive, G Suite, Office 365, Zapier, authorize.net, PayUBiz, Single Sign-on with OneDrive, GoToMeeting, LTI, SIS, Equalla, and others. This helps customize your LMS content and improve functionality.

  • Fast and simple integrations
  • Individual dashboards
  • Better collaboration
  • Real-time learning


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