Human Resource Management System

Personalized HRM System that Streamlines Business-Critical Human Resource Management Processes, Transactions, and Compliance.

What is an HRM System?

A Human Resource Management system helps automate talent acquisition processes, payroll, transactions, and compliance. It integrates business-critical HRM processes into a single intelligent solution that enables organizations to efficiently manage and control their human resources in real time.

Crayon Media specializes in building smart and intuitive HRM solutions that help our clients focus on efficient human resources management, streamline operations, and reduce cost.

A Complete HR Management System

Designed for a smarter workforce

Our HRM software is designed to help organizations focus on their core business and improve productivity, while every aspect of their human resource management is well taken care of. From workforce on-boarding to exit, the HRMS helps automate all processes and transactions, enabling you to save more time and cost.

The fully-integrated HRM software comes with flexible employee attendance and leave management module, recruitment and performance monitoring, automated statutory and payroll compliance, simple authorization workflow, expenses and reimbursements, and much more. Switch from inaccurate and erroneous paper documents and spreadsheets to more intelligent online HR software that helps boost business growth.

  • Attendance and absence tracking
  • Customized & automated workflows
  • Payroll processing
  • Build insightful reports


Advanced tracking system to streamline talent acquisition

Recruiting and on-boarding is a complex process. Automate manual processes and attract & retain the best talent with our intelligent applicant tracking system. It is an easy-to-use and flexible tool with customizable workflows and intuitive features that help attract the right talent for the right job vacancy. From sourcing the most suitable candidates to identifying the top performers – get everything onto your fingertips in one place.

Interview Assistant enables you to create structured recruitment interviews with automated answers and response tracking. Built-in predictive analytics and personality insights help drive critical decisions.

  • Automatically upload staff requisition on jobsites
  • Capture C.V data
  • Automate interviews and result tracking
  • Easy customization

Employee Management

Deliver smart on-boarding experiences

Say goodbye to burdensome paperwork and switch to a simpler online on-boarding process that makes your employees feel at ease. With minimalist HR intervention, recruited employees can self onboard in a jiffy using our paperless on-boarding process. The module also provides the option to upload all documents like ID proofs, education certificates, etc.

We have designed a flexible workflow to review, authorize and approve data that employees provide online. Only authenticated and approved data will appear on the records database. Easy on-boarding and document management helps save more time & cost.

  • Paperless on-boarding
  • Fully-integrated document management
  • Recruitment compliance
  • Simple workflow

Performance Management

Set goals and KRAs for effective performance tracking

Fully-integrated performance management module enables organizations to manage employee performance and improve their productivity. The powerful tool enables you to create goals and KPIs, monitor performance against the set KRAs, identify training needs, and create performance charts based on appraisals. It also allows you to create performance valuations in bulk for different employees and departments.

Performance management also allows you to build competency pools and map them with suitable job positions and departments. The evaluations can be configured with comprehensive feedback, while it facilitates unbiased appraisals. For accurate evaluation, choose from different appraisal formats available.

  • Goal setting and KRA form
  • Integrated training program
  • Multi-tier appraisal levels
  • Easy-to-use reports for quick decisions

Expenses & Reimbursement Management

Track your expenses while efficiently allocating reimbursements

Crayon Media has decades of experience building HRM software, which helps manage employee reimbursements and other expenses. The fully-integrated and intuitive module efficiently manages and monitors employee expense claims, travel requests, and other travel claims easily and quickly. You can also create expense forms that match different types of expenses, making it simpler and faster to submit and track.

The expenses and reimbursement management module enables you to create eligibility groups for different types of expenses. Employees can submit multi-currency claims. You can also generate complete expense and travel reports for better analysis.

  • Manage different expense types and reimbursements
  • Multi-currency claims
  • Employee eligibility
  • Comprehensive reports

Accounts and Payroll Management

Accounts and Payroll Management

Payroll management is a complex HR role, which comprises of numerous statutory compliance requirements, calculations and processes. Our accounts and payroll management module is fully-integrated, robust and accurate. It is easy to use and helps manage all elements of the payroll process in minutes. Compute employee salaries accurately and automatically, and process your payroll with just a single click.

The software allows you to configure different types of salary structures and even include umpteen salary components. Automated payroll inputs, loans, reimbursements and advances make it simpler to process payroll. It also allows you to generate customized payslips, send bulk email salary slips, or provide real-time access.

  • Vast reconciliation tools
  • Simple post-payroll process
  • 100% compliance
  • Comprehensive payroll reports

Document Management

Simple, hassle-free and secure employee document management

Managing employee documents has never been so easier before! Automate the entire process and manage all documents centrally in one place. The module allows you to store scanned or digital documents, upload files in bulk, access all documents and letters, scan uploaded documents for improved security, and much more – automatically.

Simple and intuitive document management tool allows you to create unique templates such as appointment letters, employee contracts, termination letters, etc. It also makes it easier to store, access or distribute documents securely, especially which are confidential such as employee on-boarding, performance review, or any other file.

  • Manage & access employee documents in minutes
  • Secure storage
  • Generate official letters
  • Pre-built formats

Time & Attendance Management

Real-time attendance processing and time tracking

Bottlenecks in your human resources time & attendance management system can have significant cost repercussions on your organization. The problems need to be address ASAP. Crayon Media’s smart attendance management system handles the entire process with ease and efficiency. It integrates employee attendance, payroll and leaves together, helping you gain better visibility and control.

The module enables you to capture real-time attendance data from varied sources such third-party hardware or ESS. It can also help capture employee attendance from mobile app, eliminating the need for an attendance device.

  • GPS-based attendance tracking
  • Create and assign shifts to employees
  • Get attendance info in real-time
  • Easy to configure

Why Use HRM Software?

An HRM solution designed at Crayon Media enables organizations to manage, access, and control employee data in a secure and efficient manner. Centralized storage of HR-critical data aids in quicker access and faster decision making. Cutting-edge employee self-service feature allows your employees to seamlessly update personal data. This helps save time of HR professionals and allows them to focus on strategic functions.

Fully-integrated HRM software with accounting and payroll reduces the burden to manage multiple systems. It also aids in better management and tracking of recruitment data, speeding up the entire process.

  • On-demand reporting
  • Employee development
  • All-inclusive software
  • Better control


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