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Lunar Light Laser Spa - Astoria, New York


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Laser Spa Website Design involves more than just design, more than content, more than mere knowledge. Laser Spa and Medical Spa Development requires a combination of all of these in conjunction with intelligence, daily content management and exceptional effort. As part of Lunar Light Laser Spa web development team, Crayon Media made sure the design and online presence are well maintained not only through Social Media Engagement and Search Engine Optimization but also via other branding platforms such as Groupon and Yelp.



The laser spa websites developed by Crayon don’t just to look good, they generally convert 2x better than typical spa websites. That means you double your amount of prospects & sales with the same traffic.

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We don’t execute it and forget it. We provide parallel maintenance to adjust your design based on data over time so it drives the best results possible and you continue to grow your laser spa within your geolocation.


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