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SG Beauty

Beauty Style Store based in United Kingdom

Reaching into new markets can be scary, but not with an experienced team on your side. SG Beauty Cosmetics from United Kingdom came to Crayon team to build their first UK based online store when they first brought their brand to the United Kingdom.

When it comes to selling — and selling out — products, Crayon Media leverages spontaneous releases in limited quantities to create buzz, drive interest, and break the rules of traditional makeup sales.


By implementing custom SEO and UTM parameters, Crayon Media is able to work with many “behind the scenes” elements into your cosmetic or beauty product site design to make your business run smoother with option to see the HeatMaps and Data Insights. From simpler product websites to feature your products, to fully function eCommerce online stores, we can meet your development needs and user experience enhancement capabilities.


Our fully executed and tested shopping carts offer numerous integrated merchant accounts including PayPal,, ApplyPay and Amazon Payment to make purchases a 1-2-3 step leveraging user experience based on artificial intelligence and chat bots.

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