Big Data

Analytics Services

Using Crayon’s business domain expertise, we assist clients in integrating Big Data into their overall IT roadmap, architect and implement the Big Solution to take your business to the next level. With a belief that enterprises will rely on Big Data for all types of decision making, Crayon Media team has leveraged on the delivery and deployment of Big Data analytics solutions to assist enterprise with strategic decision making.

Crayon Media’s Big Data analytics help in analyzing the voluminous information to provide you the deepest insights into undiscovered possibilities. Crayon data scientists have a unique approach to develop solution that analyzes each piece of information before taking any critical business decision.

Apache Pig

Crayon Media offers high-end services in Apache Pig, an open-source technology and a high-level data analysis language that is used to examine large data sets. Crayon Media experts use Pig to execute Hadoop jobs in Apache Spark and MapReduce. Crayon Media help simplify implementation of technology, navigate complexities and ensure high quality standards.

NoSQL / PHP MySQL Database

Crayon Media Big Data team are specialist in managing database architectures with some of the leading providers of NoSQL technology such as MongoDB, Hadoop, Couchbase and Cassandara. Crayon Media offers NoSQL Support, Managed Services, Technical Consulting and much more. Our NoSQL solutions provide critical parameters like quality, responsiveness and scalability.

Apache Spark

Crayon Media New York team provides Apache Spark services to enterprises worldwide providing high performance benefits and versatility. In order to stay ahead and gain business advantage, Crayon Media provide processing and analysis to support the Big Data apps using options such as machine learning, streaming analytics and more.

Web Technologies We Work With

In-house specialists of contemporary technologies that encapsulates server-side and front-end stacks.


Big Data Portfolio

We strive to deliver the best for every single project. Take a look at some of our work.
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